How do your prices compare to other premium coffees?

The average bag of premium coffee will cost you anywhere from $16-$20. Most of these big-name roasters are in major cities and have a ton of overhead. We are located in a small town, so we are able to keep our costs low to give a GREAT PRICE (starting at $11.38/bag for a weekly subscription) to our customers.

Does your coffee really stack up to the bigger brands?

Even though our prices are lower than the average, we do not sacrifice quality. We would pit our roasts against any big brand’s any day!

How do you decide what roasts to create?

Some of the “fancy” roasters around the country do not have the consumer in mind when creating their roasts. Their goal is to meet a specified tasting score. At Squirrelly Joe’s we put the customer first. Our goal is to create roasts for the “regular” people of the world who are more concerned with how their coffee tastes that what score it received on some test.

How fresh is your coffee?

We don’t roast your coffee until we receive your order. Most roasters roast once per week and package as much as they can. This can cause your coffee to sit around and go stale. We roast multiple times per week so we can guarantee that your coffee will be as fresh as possible when you receive it.

Where can I find Squirrelly Joe’s Coffee?

You can buy your favorite roast of Squirrelly Joe’s directly from our website. We ship nationwide and offer local pick-up at Ophelia’s Cup in Olney, IL.

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