Squirrelly Joe’s Coffee is a family owned and operated independent coffee roaster based in Olney, Illinois, home of the endangered white squirrel.

For years our coffee loving family was content to drink mass market grocery store coffee. One experience with fresh roasted beans showed us what we’d been missing! The quality and taste of the coffee was night and day compared to our old brand. We began drinking fresh roasted brew daily and never looked back.

With the onset of Covid and the shortage of everyday household staples, (we’re looking at you, toilet paper) we wondered if coffee could be next. We decided to take matters into our own hands and start roasting our own beans. Our goal is to bring delicious, super fresh coffee to average folks.

As Reformed Christians it is our mission to spread the Gospel and sharing the Word over a warm cup of Squirrelly Joe’s Coffee is our passion. We hope you’ll give our coffee a try! 

Share Coffee. Serve Humbly.
live faithfully.

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